Friday, December 18, 2009


Hey everyone. We are sad to inform everyone that the bike collective will no longer continue as it was. We are consolidating our stock and keeping only the community bike project running. In other words, we will no longer be open once a week for repairs but will be running the community bikes by appointment. We are donating our stock to the TACOLY Bicycle club. They are a new bike co-op in liberty city. check out their website. We need everyone's help that available on Sunday Dec. 20th to help us organize the frames and parts for Tacolcy. We will be meeting from 4-7 as usual... It would be nice if we could have all the bikes out of the shack so they are all easily accessible.

-Dec 20th important date as it will be our final meeting date. ( Getting bikes ready for TACOLCY)
- We are still interested in doing work shops, bike rides, and any other fun activities you all might have in mind, so keep us posted on your ideas!
-Community bike project still running strong! email to make an appointment to borrow a bike.
-And check out TACOLCY Bike club.

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Premitive1 said...

would you guys have, or perhaps know where I might acquire an inexpensive 700 size wheel for a geared cruiser bicycle?

i crashed into my friend's bike and the results were disastrous.