Thursday, May 7, 2009

Planning a fundraiser

Hey everyone. The bike collective has been running smoothly since our last meeting. We've been able to turn out bikes on a weekly basis and hope to continue on this trend. We running low on funds and are planning our next fund raiser. If anyone has any ideas, we are open to them. We hope to make it a fun experience so bands, games, and other types of ideas are encouraged. This is our wish list. These are tools that we keep needing while doing a repair and would love to be able to finish bike completely here without trips to the bike shop. There is usually someone here to receive donations.

Crank puller
Cone wrench set
Derailleur cable and housing
Brake cable and housing
Headset wrench
Freewheel tool(s)
Spoke wrench
Bottom bracket pin(s)
Bottom bracket socket tool
Chain whip
Lock ring tool/(Bottom bracket)

Other bike donations are always welcome.
contact us at or 305-510-9852

1 comment:

Jordan said...

Thought you might like to check this out for a bike-building workshop especially with our tropical climates (meaning we can easily grow bamboos).


It would definitely work here and possibly get more bikers onto our streets!