Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hello ya'll!

The bike collective needs you're help! We want your suggestions on tools we should buy, skills you want to learn, and things you think we should be providing for the community etc. So far we only have about 3 dedicated volunteers, but that is very limiting. We have created this space in order for cyclists of all types to come learn, teach and hopefully walk away with some golden treasures hidden in our damp little cave of donated bikes and parts. If you have an idea for an event we should put on, that you would like to put on, or ways for you to volunteer and help that aren't on our traditional 2-6pm Saturday schedule just e-mail us back!

** As an update were very happy to announce our community bike project!!

In town? No bike? We have a small fleet of community bikes ready to be ridden and enjoyed by all! From road bikes, to hybrids, single/fixed road conversions…contact us for more details.

-The Firefly Bike Collective

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